Sir Scorcher is set to release his newest single ‘RECORD BREAKER’ on the Jandisc label in early May 2013. Fully charged off his recent Grammy win for his work on Jimmy Cliff’s ‘REBIRTH’, J Bonner is back to produce this dynamic disc.  ‘RECORD BREAKER’ a blistering skinhead reggae treat that takes Scorcher back to his days before his work as a singer and highlights his ‘talk over’ talents as a deejay. Being a former member of the Jamaican vocal group The Scorchers, Dennis ‘Scorcher’ Williams is partly responsible for supplying producer Lloyd ‘Matador’ Daley with his first major hit record ‘UGLY MAN’ in 1968. Along with many other skinhead classics such as ‘DENGUE FEVER’, ‘THINGS & TIME’ and ‘HOLD ON TIGHT’ released on the PAMA subsidiary Camel, Williams played an important role in signaling the shift in popular Jamaican music from Rocksteady to Reggae.  The rhythm track features The Black Emeralds laying down the foundational early reggae style. On the B-side is ‘HELL TO PAY’, a melodic instrumental that showcases saxophonist Robby Spengler on a bubbly rhythm by the Black Emeralds.