The Black Emeralds serve as the Jandisc Records house band, supplying each release with rhythms that aim to capture the foundational sound from Reggae’s golden era.  At the core of the band is drummer Jason “Cool Breeze” Castillo, percussionist Salina Cano, and producer/guitarist/bassist/keyboardist J Bonner.  Many other great musicians have sat in on Black Emerald sessions including Matt Parker, Joel D’Amico, Tom Cook, Lino Trujillo, Ruben Durazo, and Robby Spengler.  This is the defining sound of Jandisc Records.







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  • 'BED BUG'
    - The Black Emeralds

    Side A: 'BED BUG' - The Black Emeralds

    Side B: 'THE KEEPER' - The Black Emeralds

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